Artisan Bread Club

Artisan Bread Club

Join our artisan loyalty bread club. If you love good bread and you like your bread made fresh daily without all the factory nasties in it then this is the perfect way to order your healthy loaf.

How it works

Every time you buy your artisan bread from Yummy Scrummy Bakery we'll give you a stamp on your artisan bread loyalty card. Fill your card with stamps and get a free artisan bread ! So use your loaf and get a loyalty card today.????

Benefits to bread club

By pre ordering your artisan bread

  • No wasted trips to the bakery finding your favourite bread is sold out
  • Best of all free artisan bread (loyalty card)!
  • Pick up your bread anytime
  • Healthy good for you bread
  • Baked fresh daily
  • When you're part of our bread club you get priority and you can eat your artisan bread every day safe in the knowledge that it has been handmade with care and has no nasties,no preservatives,no artificial colours ,no enzymes and no additives.

Selection of Favourites

Organic Multi-Seed Small 1.80 Large 2.95
Organic White Small 1.40 Large 2.50
Light Wholemeal Small 1.40 Large 2.45
Organic Wholemeal   One Size 2.50
Organic Malthouse Small 1.40 Large 2.70
Extra Large Tin Loaf   One Size 3.45
Organic Sourdough Small 1.95 Large 3.20
Carrot, Mustard Seed & Thyme Small 1.95 Large 3.30
Parmesan & red Onion Small 1.95 Large 3.70
French Baguette   One Size 1.80
Croissant   One Size 1.30
Focaccia Sea Salt & Rosemary   One Size 3.25
Organic Seeded Spelt   One Size 3.10
Organic Dark Rye   One Size 3.30





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